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  • About Street Talk
    The Street Talk video series is comprised of 13 short videos discussing FORTA-FI® Fiber Reinforcement Technology for Asphalt. The two- to three-minute videos will answer frequently asked questions, talk about the benefits and highlight key asphalt projects using FORTA-FI®.
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Street Talk Series

  • At the Plant

    To manually feed fibers or to use an automated Fiber Metering Device? You decide! FORTA-FI® is easy to add to your mix no matter how you add your fibers!
  • Different Challenges

    See how FORTA-FI® meets the challenges in various applications.
  • Longevity

    See how FORTA-FI® can extend the life of asphalt.
  • Solving Asphalt Cracking Problems

    FORTA-FI® can reinforce asphalt to prevent cracking.
  • FORTA-FI® Research Trials

    See how FORTA-FI® performed in various trials.
  • Rutting Problems

    FORTA-FI® is uniquely capable of solving many rutting problems.
  • FORTA-FI® vs. Fabric

    FORTA-FI® is a three-dimensional reinforcement for asphalt.
  • Tested and Proven!

    FORTA-FI® has been extensively tested with proven results!
  • Easy to Use

    See how easy it is to add FORTA-FI® to your mix!
  • Cost Effective

    See how FORTA-FI® can save you money now and down the road!
  • Made in America

    See how FORTA-FI® can help strengthen America's infrastructure while lessening the tax burden.
  • Fiber Reinforcement is Not Generic

    See how FORTA-FI® outperforms conventional fibers.
  • What is FORTA-FI®?

    Learn how you can save by adding FORTA-FI® to your mix!
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FORTA-FI in Turkey!

Go Stronger... Go Longer... Get FORTAfied!®
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