International Distribution Center – Henderson, NC

Henderson, NC - June 2019

Project Description

An International distribution center in Henderson, NC chose to replace their parking lot using FORTA-FI reinforced asphalt pavement. This job was a full depth replacement in the trailer parking areas and required 3,850 lb of fiber for completion. FORTA-FI was chosen to save money upfront by reducing the thickness of the asphalt. The additional reinforcement provided by the fibers is expected yo extend the pavement life and save money down the road as well. Reducing rutting and cracking was also a main concern in this high-volume traffic lot, and FORTA-FI will provide the extra reinforcement need to increase durability and reduce their reoccurrences.

Key Points

  • Extend Pavement Life
  • Reduce Rutting and Cracking
  • Reduce Costs

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