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FORTA® products have played an important role improving the performance and durability of concrete for over 35 years, creating a history of "Reinforcing the Future – Worldwide". From our original asphalt-reinforcing product, FORTA AR®, to the current FORTA-FI®, our focus has been on improving the performance of traditional asphalt mixtures through applied fiber-reinforcement technology. Our legacy of innovation began with our first patent for an asphalt-reinforcing fiber product in 1982, and now continues into the future with FORTA-FI®. Search project profiles by project category or click on a location below on the map.



Street Talk Series

The Street Talk video series is comprised of 13 short videos discussing FORTA-FI Fiber Reinforcement Technology for Asphalt. The two- to three-minute videos will answer frequently asked questions, talk about the benefits and highlight key asphalt projects using FORTA-FI.

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