Preferred Producers

Russell Standard - Erie Plant
2002 Pittsburgh Avenue | Erie, PA 16502

Contact: Philip Whittingham

The H&K Group
P.O. Box 196 | 2052 Lucon Road | Skippack, PA 19474
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Shields Asphalt Paving
P.O. Box 672 | Valencia, PA 16059
Facebook: @shieldspaving

The Lane Construction Corporation
2 Prestley Road | Bridgeville, PA 15017


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Street Talk Series

The Street Talk video series is comprised of 13 short videos discussing FORTA-FI Fiber Reinforcement Technology for Asphalt. The two- to three-minute videos will answer frequently asked questions, talk about the benefits and highlight key asphalt projects using FORTA-FI.

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Use our Savings Calculator to compare material costs between a traditional asphalt mixture and FORTAfied Asphalt.

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