FORTAfied® Asphalt is Stronger Asphalt!

FORTA-FI® high-tensile strength fiber for asphalt pavement helps roadways, airfields, parking lots, driveways and bicycle/walking trails perform better and last longer than traditional asphalt placements. Millions of FORTA-FI® fibers distributed throughout the asphalt paving material increases the strength and durability of the mat, while helping it resist premature cracking and rutting. FORTA-FI® can also allow for thinner placement designs, saving money upfront on material costs while still achieving similar design life. Going Longer...Going Stronger with FORTA-FI® is an affordable way to add value to your next asphalt project, and there are many ways in which 100% recyclable asphalt material meets your green building goals!

FORTA-FI® is the perfect solution for stronger & longer lasting Fiber Reinforced Asphalt Concrete (FRAC)!

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FORTA-FI Reinforcement Fibers Asphalt Pavement

Street Talk Series

The Street Talk video series is comprised of 13 short videos discussing FORTA-FI Fiber Reinforcement Technology for Asphalt. The two- to three-minute videos will answer frequently asked questions, talk about the benefits and highlight key asphalt projects using FORTA-FI.

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Go Stronger... Go Longer... Get FORTAfied!®
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